Why are we obsessed with Vampire Diaries?!–It’s so not real life!!


Ahhh…but it so is!

Now before you all think I’m crazy or think “UM HELLO why isn’t she writing about BAMON?!”

Oh come on guys, we all know Bamon is going to happen so there will be plenty of time to write about Bamon 😉

I was thinking about this earlier of why do we love Vampire Diaries soooo much?! Because I know as all die heart fans we all have heard the typical “I don’t get it it’s just a rip off from twilight…same idea one girl two HOT vampire brothers…”

UMMM Shush HATERS!! Vampire Diaries was actually written BEFORE Twilight…I know you guys already know that though! :p

—Point is why do we feel so connected and involved in this show?! Is it all the juicy drama, hot guys, people dying, & love triangles?!


Well that’s a part of it but I think its actually much deeper then that! As humans (maybe vampires as well) we watch TV shows and movies to escape reality for 30 mins or 2 hours. For that time that we jump into a different world we forget about the to do list, homework, the fight we got into with our friend, that we have no money to pay for those car repairs, etc. We find ourselves forgetting our own life drama.

Secondly when we watch someone elses life drama go on, we are encouraged that we aren’t the only one feeling or dealing with LIFE!

SO here’s my reasons why Vampire Diaries is real life and not just all about Witches, Vampires, & Werewolves!

  1. Crushes! Uh we have all been there where we liked our best friend but didn’t want to mess anything up, or fell for someone that it just would never work or is so unattainable! Examples- Klaus and Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy, Caroline and Stefan, Elena and Damon….the list goes on! But we’ve been there, we know the feeling! We connect with that we have those feelings and having to live with those feelings of having to have HOPE or LET GO and MOVE ON. And if we do have to let go, it doesn’t mean that its the end of the world that we can still find love…until a vampire or witch kills them…
  2. Family! Everything family from the family we were born into or family that we have created ourselves. Whether its we feel they don’t understand or fully accepting who we are or want to be(Caroline becoming a vampire,Jeremy becoming a hunter,Bonnie being a witch). Dealing with the obstacles of trying to get them to understand and see things the way we do, all while wanting nothing more then their love and approval. Losing family and close ones to us, mourning and dealing with life with the unbearable pain of feeling like we cannot go on. The JOURNEY of life of healing with all the pain that life throws our way. Week after week we watch all of these characters go through something that in our REAL LIFE we feel that we are working through as well, and that encourages us that there’s HOPE. (Also teaches us some very valuable lessons on maybe how not to deal with pain ::cough cough:: Caroline and Damon meltdowns to the dark side lol but also that if we do find ourselves in a dark place we can always come back to the light.
  3. Layers! People have layers, whats that Shrek quote about being an onion and you gotta keep peeling back the layers haha! It is so true! My main example of this is Damon….a lot of people would just look at him and think uhh he sucks as a person. But from watching the show and watching his journey we see that he is so much more! That usually when hes acting out and being a total jerk its because hes hurt in someway or scared! This show reminds us to have EMPATHY to look at someone and think you know you might be acting like a total jerk but is it something deeper are you being mean because you have been hurt or you are scared? I know people would fight me and say that no its giving people an excuse to be a bully or be mean, NO not at all I am sure that there are people out there that are just plain horrible! But for those that are close to us and that we know….you are more then this! It encourages us to pull an Elena or Stefan and if we see a friend is in a dark place and acting out being a jerk to come alongside them and say hey let me help you through this!
  4. Right and Wrong! Literally every second of this show is the struggle between choosing right and wrong! Every character has their moment where they have a CHOICE….just like we do everyday in life! We are torn all the time about well I want to do this it’d be fun but asking ourselves is it the best thing for me or the right thing to do?! Having to die to ourselves, just like the characters. It cheers us on in our own life that taking the harder choice usually the right choice is always better! Because usually when we choose the wrong choice….someone dies! OKAY maybe not that dramatic hehe but also that life is hard and the grey areas of life suck, when you don’t always know is this the right choice or wrong. Pretty much that… LIFE IS CONFUSING! And NOBODIES PERFECT….but its okay =) there is always plan B…C…D…and F.
  5. Finally Emotions! This show we experience every emotion in just one episode along with all the characters. I think in today’s society it is so easy for us to feel like have it TOGETHER or be STRONG don’t cry or be sad it shows weakness. UM NO! Life is hard we experience roller coasters of emotions just like the characters…now it might not be losing your soulmate for thousands of years but we FEEL that way when a significant other breaks up with us or we lose someone dear to us whether in death or just moving away. We see that its okay to feel angry, down, scared torn, confused, sad, in love, or happy! It shows us that instead of pushing those feelings away which they always come up (Ripper Status) but to own them, not let them take over us, to surround ourselves with ones we love and let them help us through any emotion we feel! That we don’t have to be alone in this world, that there is always someone that knows or feels the same way we do!

THIS is why we love vampire diaries so much! Even though we might not be Vampires in a magical small town….they are going through life just like we are! =D

Comment below or tweet me your thoughts or any other ideas that you think why we love this show!!!

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Love you all!! You are the best!! XOXO


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