FTWD: ‘Light Seen in the Distance’

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Another day, another dollar and another bad decision by Madison. What else is new? This week’s FTWD episode was off to a great start with Chris filming his Michael Moore type presentation of “Light Seen in the Distance.” After much debate between Madison and Travis they finally came around to believing him that something was going on outside of the camp and it wasn’t just a figment of his imagination, to which Su and I both said, yes, duh!

I’m not going to come out and say it, actually I am going to come out and say it – Su and I are unabashedly nailing our predictions! From Griselda, to Madison and Liza getting in a  fight we are practically certified psychics. If you have any relationship or future questions I suggest you reach out to either of us and we will look into our crystal balls and tell you what you can expect in the future from your very own life.

The story is finally progressing at a pace that seems to be consistent with what is happening around the characters and I am happy for that. I mean, the world is coming to an end as we know it and Nick is just laying around in a pool? I don’t think so, he deserved to be taken away in lieu of getting a perfect tan. I am looking forward to Madison and the family taking a “road trip” outside of the compound to rescue him, I’m sure it will be a modern day Oregon trail with many obstacles and/or family members being lost (fingers crossed it’s Madison, just kidding…kinda).

We hope to get more of your predictions and thoughts on this weeks episode so keep the conversation going at #FTWDAS.


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