136 Thoughts I had while watching S6 Episode 3 of The Vampire Diaries


  1. Ooo Tyler!
  2. Why is Stefan’s scar open?’
  3. Why does he HAVE THE SCAR?
  4. See… even 3 years from now Stefan and Caroline aren’t together.
  5. But why does she hate him?
  6. Noooo not the red car!!
  8. Okay, okay good.
  9. This whole scene is very transporter,Jason Statham-esque.
  10. Love the slo-mo Stefan.
  11. Bonnie and these damn visions.
  12. Alaric and this damn stone.
  13. Do we like Damon shirtless?
  14. Sure.Why not? Be shirtless Damon!
  15. Alaric you liar!
  16. Wait he’s naked!
  17. This is hilarious.
  18. Bonnie close your eyes!
  19. Bonnie you peaked! Haha #bamon
  20. Why do I cringe every time Caroline and Stefan are on screen together?
  21. Uh oh Caroline is jealous!
  22. Valerie IS a psycho….
  23. What is going onnnn?
  24. Go away.
  25. You tell her Stefan!
  26. Why does Lily take EVERYONE under her wing? She’s like the worst foster parent ever.
  27. Lily you conniving little…
  28. Omg I can’t with these outfits.
  29. I can’t with Stefan’s bangs either.
  30. When did they have time to meet all these people?!
  31. Oh wait, they are vampires…#eternallife
  32. Valerie was his first love?!
  33. Oh come on.
  34. Oh SHUT UP, Lily
  35. Can she please stop acting like a mother?
  36. Stefan with the sarcasm!
  37. These flashbacks are getting a little old.
  38. Julian is a jerk!
  39. Oh shut up Valerie.
  40. So Valerie is pre-Katherine …hmmm
  41. Good grief.
  42. I suddenly miss Steroline…
  43. Awwww baby virgin Stefan
  44. Can we talk about how layers she is wearing?!!
  45. Valerie you are cold hearted.
  46. Poor Caroline!!
  47. This three musketeers vibe is giving me life.
  48. Who the heck is this guy?!!!
  49. Julie Plec can we focus on the characters we have and not add new ones?
  50. But A+ for adding someone Asian. #diversitymatters
  51. Damon’s face is priceless/
  52. Damon does not know this man.
  53. I kind of am obsessed with this guy.
  54. Why does Lily have so many friends?
  55. She’s the worst.
  56. I could do without this mother/son roadtrip
  57. Why is Stefan so hot?
  58. Ugh Stalerie is making me miss Steroline and we all know I hate Steroline.
  59. He opened up to you!
  60. Showed you his mother’s grave
  61. Valerie… go away.
  62. Awww Stefan don’t blame yourself. Lily doesn’t deserve to be alive
  63. Oh give me a break.
  64. Why does Stefan attract all these troubled WOMEN?
  66. This guy is a like a heretic hippie.
  67. He’s a legit hippie.
  68. Do we trust this guy?
  69. I don’t think so.
  70. Bonnie stop letting people into your head!
  71. Uh oh ,
  72. UH OH!
  73. Oo shoot!
  74. OH SHOOT!
  75. Okay, this guy is for real.
  76. Stop lying to Bonnie!
  77. Damon tell her the truth!
  78. Uh oh Bamon trouble!
  79. Alaric….
  80. Awwww Alaric!
  81. I’m really over this mother son road trip
  82. Stefan is so pretty.
  83. Uh oh! Valerie’s about to get in trouble!
  84. Stefan falls so hard and so fast.
  85. Get a grip Stefan.
  86. Best line: It was 150 years ago.
  87. Yeah Valerie! How could you do that to him?
  88. Ugh who cares.
  89. Julian go away!
  90. I just want them all to go away.
  91. STOP.
  93.  She was Pregnant! Get out of here!
  94. There he is!
  95. Side note: I cannot see Damon fighting in a war haha.
  96. Well maybe I can.
  97. Enough with the dang Phoenix stone!
  98. Oh Damon, when will you learn?
  99. Bonnie showed up like “don’t hurt my man!
  100. Yes! Three musketeers!
  101. Bonnie is not happy with you Alaric
  102. You better not lie to her again!
  103. Caroline is so over it.
  104. Haha 2nd best line: Even Mussolini had a mother lol
  105. Caroline’s got great lines this episode.
  106. K I don’t trust Lily at all…but when did I ever?
  107. Haha Caroline with these lines! I love it!
  108. Ugh…. stab me in the neck
  109. Can we not have this reunion please?
  110. Ummm Julian! Never hit a lady you jerk!
  111. So is Julian going to come back in the picture?
  112. And now Valerie is drowning herself.
  113. But you are still alive, Valerie.
  114. So now you are a heretic.
  115. Good Grief.
  116. She’s an original heretic.
  117. Oh… shut UP Valerie.
  118. Stefan please don’t forgive her.
  120. COWARD! All that confession for nothing.
  121. Why wont these people learn?
  122. Getting involved in this magic NEVER brings anything good.
  123. It’s been 6 seasons of the same drama and mayhem.
  124. Bonnie stop being a scapegoat.
  125. Oh Oscar.
  126. Lily shut up!
  127. How can Lily have so many surrogate children. It’s creepy.
  128. I’m glad Steroline can’t touch, I don’t like them.
  129. Oh give me a break.
  130. I’ve already forgotten.
  131. Stefan stop it. You love Elena. Not Caroline.
  132. I’m so glad they can’t touch.
  133. I can’t with this music right now.
  134. So Oscar’s mission was to find Julian.
  135. Hmmmm.
  136. The plot thickens.
  137. Why are there so many characters on this show?

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