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Halloween is about a block and a half away, The Walking Dead will premiere in a few weeks and we are just too excited over here! Michael and I have been having a ball hosting Fear The Walking Dead After Show. We are not only working hard to bring you interesting content but we’re also wanting you to experience the fun we are having. So here are a few things, first off we want YOU the audience, the fans, to be more involved with us. We wanna connect with YOU, yea I said it. As of today, start using the hashtag #ShowUsYourGameFace and we will randomly select the fan with the best Game Face Of The Week (GFOTW) and showcase you in our next blog post and maybe even showcase you in our show!!! Wouldn’t that be fun?!
As you can clearly tell, my game face says “I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse” whereas Michael’s is “Hmmm? Yep, def. gonna leave you behind to fight the horde alone.” lol So use #ShowUsYourGameFace on Twitter, you can even tag us @Snarkyzebra and @MichaelJTIberi @TheStreamTV
2nd thing…Michael and I are planning to tackle the zombie apocalypse together. That’s right, #TeamStreamTV is at it for the first time EVAH!!!! Michael and I will be going to Universal Studios, Los Angeles to tackle Halloween Horror Nights: The Walking Dead Maze.
And the highly anticipated Knots Scary Farm, Special Ops: Infected. Now, you’ve probably heard about this because it’s only been new to North America for a year now. Japan had a hugely successful run of this on the overseas market so of course you know here in America we ramp it up! You get dropped as a team into an infected “city” where you’re given laser guns to fight the zombie horde. Check out the clip!
We hope to have footage (if allowed) of our experience and post it right here on FTWDAS Blog and if not, you will get footage of the aftermath, we also want your vote…Who do you think will survive the zombie apocalypse? #TeamMichael or #TeamSu?

See you on the other side,
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