Win backstage passes to Mayhemfest!

Hey guys –

So, if you don’t remember, a few weeks ago, Drew, owner of the family friendly I LOVE V#G%NA clothing company, is sponsoring a contest for TheStream.TV viewers, fans, and members.

Whoever creates the best picture, banner and/or advertisement for I LOVE VAGINA will WIN 2 back stage passes to Mayhemfest this summer!

That means you’ll get to watch the show from the side of the stage, and even better, Drew said you could PICK A CITY!

Check out the tourdates for Mayhemfest HERE!

ALSO – even more, 10 people can win memberships for!

So much free stuff to win, it’s amazing!

If you wanna win, just post your pictures HERE!

JULY 15th is the deadline, so get them in and created NOW!

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