Kraft’s Zesty Guy Anderson Davis visits Commercial Break!

The Kraft’s Zesty Guy was a mystery to people until today! Meet model and actor Anderson Davis who plays the Kraft Zesty Guy. Anderson talks to Mike and Rebecca about what it has been like for him on his quick rise to fame as the latest sex symbol. Rebecca did spill her Coke when Anderson walked in the studio. Wait is that Rebecca blushing every time Anderson talks? Who knew Italian dressing could look so good? Learn about “The Anderson Davis” workout routine (don’t get mad when he tells you what it is) and find out how he spends his spare time when he isn’t busy acting. It’s ironic how a career in professional baseball can somehow propel you into commercials and how looking Mediterranean can land you the strangest commercial spots from Gladiator to Steamy Tuscan Chef! Mike lights up like a firefly when Anderson shares his favorite jingle which we will give you a hint…it has something to do with ESPN and the last word is center! Watch Anderson Davis sell out with a stapler and get to know this wonderful guy on Commercial Break!


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