Big Balls Fantasy Football Episode 101

Join THE BEAUTY and THE BEAST of fantasy football experts Jenilee Borek and Greg T. Reifsteck for their debut episode of BIG BALLS FANTASY FOOTBALL.

Greg and Jenilee break down their show philosophy that they are real fantasy football fans and not just washed-up players in suits you see on the big networks. Then they get right down to business, giving you the lowdown on all of the changes in the league and the FREE AGENCY FRENZY from the offseason.

THE BALLS SCALE is revealed – BBFF’s patented rating system to show you just how much balls it takes to make some of the picks they will be telling you to make this season.

Jenilee gives you her weekly REAL MEN segment with three picks that will have the greatest impact on their new teams in the upcoming season. She even sings her own theme. (Go to to hear more).
Greg takes you into BEAST MODE with his weekly segment that gives you three players that will accelerate their game in the upcoming season because of the new team schemes they have joined.

Finally die-hard Green Bay Packer Fan Neal “Prost” Goforth joins us from his Cheesehead Man Cave in San Diego to give you his ONE-HIT BLUNDERS. These are players that are hot one week and not for many weeks after. You surely will not want any of these picks to be in your line-ups any time soon.

Do you have any questions about your line-up or need tips on who to draft this season? Hit us up on Twitter (@BigBallsFball) or Facebook ( and we might answer your question on the air.

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