Tesla is Taking Over on theFeed!

Tesla is getting into the solar panel game. Play on, Elon!

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Forget traveling to Mars! Musk is working on fixing up our home planet this time around

with the unveiling of Tesla’s new line of camouflaged solar panels.

Who knew solar could look so sexy?!

The textured glass tiles have integrated solar cells that are look nearly identically to

conventional tiling.

A few hundred lucky guests were invited to be the first to view Tesla’s newest tech,

showcased on a row of suburban American houses on Wisteria Lane– the homes used

for the ever popular Desperate Housewives show only a little time go.

Musk said that his sleek design for the tiles is thanks to a special coating that becomes

more or less see-through depending on your viewing angle. This allows to the passage of

sunlight from overhead to produce power– but still looks opaque to anyone at the ground


How innovative! Well I know if I can ever afford to own a home I want THIS roof on it.

What about y’all?!

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