Game Guy TV – Pilot Episode

Welcome to Game Guy TV! Host Darion Lowenstein, a 17 year game industry veteran who’s produced and directed games at Rockstar, Activision, and EA, sits down with a panel of game industry experts to bring you the news and trends of games today as well as an in-depth interview with industry legend David Bergantino.

Game Guy TV has a great panel in this episode – game designer Benjamin Johnson from Rockstar Games and 3DO, writer Rachel Stavis from the Tomb Raider and Transformers game series, and Sega designer Jeff Junio. Darion and the panel give their “Yay!’s” or “Meh…’s” on the upcoming Playstation 4, news from Last of Us creator Naughty Dog, and some tasty innovations brought to you by Xbox. The panel follows up with their own favorites in 1Up’s picks for apps and games this week, and ends it off with viewer questions about breaking into the gaming industry with its highs and lows.

Darion sits down with David Bergantino, a man of many talents all over the entertainment and gaming industries. He shares his career, his challenges and triumphs, and how it feels to be killed in Star Wars novels and party with George Jung, who Johnny Depp’s character in Blow was based on.


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