/Whois with David Bergantino

On Game Guy TV, Host Darion Lowenstein sits down each week with his panel of industry experts and professionals to discuss the hottest topics in the world of gaming, apps, and technology.  We talk to you, the fans, in our Ask A Nerd segment and feature weekly interviews with some of the greatest names in the gaming world.

This week Darion sits down with David Bergantino, a man of many talents all over the entertainment and gaming industries. He shares his career, his challenges and triumphs, how it feels to be killed in Star Wars novels, and partying with George Jung, the inspiration for Johnny Depp’s character in Blow.

David gives insight into a lifetime of experience in the field. As a Designer, Producer, and so much more, he has been all over the professional spectrum and taken many jobs where his skills and respect for his audience bring a greater life to the project. His resume includes Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, and dozens of game developers.  He discusses the fun and success of games like the Lego series and working with Hollywood famed Producer Kathleen Kennedy (whose own credits include working with Spielberg and Lucas).

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