Marvel vs. DC Match Ups

This is the ultimate geek debate episode! We take all of our dream marvel vs dc matches and pit them head to head. we take a logical (kind of, okay not really) approach at who would win each round. We’ve got Batman vs Deadpool, nightwing vs spider-man, thor vs green lantern, and so much more epicness! Who will win? You decide!

In this week’s soapbox Jovenshire talks about the just announced Injustice Gods Among Us game that will be debuting at E3 next week. This is a fighting game that pits all the DC heroes up against eachother. Made by neatherrelm studio and WB, you know, the Mortal Kombat guys? So it’s bound to be amazing.
Next up Brett talks about Iron Patriot showing up on set for Iron Man 3. You will learn the origin of the character and some possible looks at the enemies of the movie. Maybe.

All this and more!!!!! On GeekDown. You know, the first geek debate show on line. Well, maybe.

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