GeekDown is BACK! Avengers vs. Dark Knight Rises

GeekDown is back for Season 2, and it’s with a bang, or a smash really. Avengers dominated the box office shattering records all over. But with as perfect as this movie is said to be, does it really stand to perfection? Flitz, Jovenshire, Brett, and Matt take their stance on the epic debate of Avengers vs the world! But how long can Captain
America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and the rest stay on top with Spider-Man and Batman on their way? We also look at how well The Dark Knight Rises will do, not just in the box office but as a movie? Surprisingly, most of the team here is feeling pretty indifferent about it. But that’ isn’t going to stop Joshua from trying to change thier minds. Brett jumps on his soapbox in this episode to talk about Iron Man 3’s newly casted villain and how it will work in the sequel set to release next year. Will Manderin ever make it into the movie or just this new bad guy Coldsmash, errr coldheart, no, coldplay? Jovenshire also takes a stand on his soapbox about a newly announced Hulk TV show. Is it needed or would we rather see him in his own movie? Also Leo Camacho of Google and Radnerd fame steps in as a guest.

So get ready to join in on the debate, cuz we’re back baby!



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