Ladies are running the house, Déjà vu for John, and LOL The Whackstreet Boys

So I guess this weeks “#BBTakeover” is 90s week? They haven’t really said it but they did just say 90’s week continues…

Day 29 Shelli and Liz/Julia become the HOH’s ! Yay the #TwinTwist is one week closer to blooming… 🙂

Oh Liz..going against her alliance #SixthSense and sister and voting for Jeff to stay..I mean I understand her reasoning but she need to realize that if she pisses off her alliance they will have a reason to vote her/them out!! Girl, you need ALL the protection you can get and NO reason for them to turn on you especially since it’s dumb of them to even keep you for any reason!

Apparently they haven’t been showing us Steve because he doesn’t interact with people…lol he’s in the room talking to himself and the other room talking to himself again..poor guy and or mean sad edit. It’s like deja vu for the third week in a row. John goes up with Jason through Shelli’s nominations and James and Jackie are nominated with Liz/Julia’s…easy to see that all coming..the Sixth Sense alliance is really dominating right now! (Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Clay, Liz, case you didn’t know who that was.)

I can’t believe that they are having John go up as a pawn to throw the battle of the block to get someone out again….I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but I can’t believe he goes along with it so easily!

I guess Big Brother is sick of John throwing the Battle of the Block and made this one come with a punishment for losing..or maybe it’s just a coincidence but either way…John still can’t win even when he’s not throwing it..those pumpkins were just too hard to for them I guess.  LOL I love their punishment SOO much…They have to form a boy band “The Whackstreet Boys!” and preform on command! 



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xoxo, Jen

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