Blair Underwood at Comikaze: Hints for What is to Come

This past weekend was the 2015 Stan Lee Comikaze Expo and it is quickly becoming the West Coasts Premiere Convention for fans (watch out SDCC!). Among the throng of artists, cosplayers, fans and celebrities was the resident shrink on Agents of SHIELD Blair Underwood (Dr. Andrew Garner). While on his panel “How Super Heroes are Saving the Real World!” he briefly talked about Agents of SHIELD. The little he said was this (I’m paraphrasing here), “If you think things have been crazy this season on the show, just wait. Starting this Tuesday things are going to blow your mind”. He went on to talk about all the things he loves about the show including the cast, the stories, and in the upcoming episodes all the special effects work he got to do. Did he really say that? Did he just confirm that 1) he isn’t dead and 2) he may be an Inhuman? He quickly stopped talking about any more shIMG_0871 copyow stuff as he was scared of the “Marvel Mafia”, but for those who were listening closely the cat was out of the bag. Of Course we won’t know for sure until Tuesday, but I think this is another point in the “Andrew is Lash” theory. What do you think?

For answers to this burning question and more, don’t forget to tune into the Agents of SHIELD After Show this Tuesday. Until then make sure you catch last weeks episode where we discussed Simmons fate and where in the Universe she actually was.




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