What SHOULD Happen at The Empire. . .


Hakeem and Jamal. Jamal and Hakeem. Two artists that represent two very different styles of humanity, two artists that connect with different types of audience, and two people that have punched each other in the face. From what we know, the Lyon brothers are the highest priority, and best artists on the roster at Empire. OK, right, there is the whole Lyon Dynasty label thing. . .well, you cant just decide like a child having a temper tantrum that you no longer want to be on your label, but for the sake of this article, and how easy it would be for Hakeem to “come back to the empire” lets just assume that they are both Empire Artists.

With the royal family in despair, and Lyon Dynasty limping along, the only sensible solution would be for a family reunion ignited by a joint album in the vein of, Jay Z and Kanye’s too appropriately titled ¬†“Watch The Throne”. One could question whether the two brothers make better music than when they are on a track together, so how about one record with 16 songs of that! Bringing together both of their styles, audience, and swag, they might have the Spotify streaming record in their sight.

A family reunion, a #1 album, and the talk of the town, The Lyons: The Pride Returns would take the world by storm. . .would they have it any other way?

What would you name the joint album from Hakeem and Jamal!?

Dylan Landon @dylanfrombklyn


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