Comedian Shane Hartline on Live!

Ever wanted to be on Saturday Night Live? Well comedian/filmmaker Shane Hartline is out to make it happen for himself. He’s not going the traditional route however, he’s using the Internet! He’s using his website, as the means to achieve his lifelong goal, to get an audition for SNL, and he’ll be joining us on Live! From the Future next Tuesday May 12!

Check out the many characters on his Reel!

Even though he’s only 22, he’s got 7 years of Improv Experience, and I bet you would never guess that he was an Independent Pro Wrestler for 3 years! He’s also made various appearances on small Television shows, Independent Films, Improv Shows and radio events.

In 2005 he started his own video production company, Wooden Steel Productions through which Shane has produced Comedy Sketches, Live Webcasts and much more with his friends and anyone that wants to be involved!

You can find more of his videos on YouTube, subscribe to his blog, or follow him on Twitter! If you’ve got questions for Shane, post them on the Live Message Board!

Remember to tune in on TheStream.TV next Tuesday May 12th at 8pm PT/11pm ET.

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