Blood vs. Bond


So the topic I want to discuss in my blog today was inspired from the spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead. It was a quote from Dr. Bethany Exner to Liza when she wanted to go back for the people she was with and that quote was “Are the blood or bond?”

And that really stuck with me for a few reasons, one being in the situation that these people are in that they have to face this question on a daily basis and really consider who they considered “family”. And the other reason was because of the group in The Walking Dead. This group, with people in it from all walks of life, have become a family.

Yes they are only family by “bond” and not by “blood”, but they would no sooner risk their own lives for someone in their group and they respect and look out for one another as if they were blood. Ricks group is a family maybe not by blood but by bond.

Bonded through experiences that can either break you or make you stronger, but only if you have the people around you that you would consider family. People who make you stronger people who don’t judge you for what you’ve done but for who you are. People who you would go through a zombie apocalypse with.

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