Best Animated Superhero Adaptation

Superheroes and animation have always seemed to go hand in hand. From the early days of the Super Friends cartoon up to today’s Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes, some of the best adaptations of comics have been in the animated form. With superheroes as popular as they’ve ever been in popular culture, we take a look at the evolution of superhero cartoons and animated movies to debate what the best one is. The 90’s are often seen as the pinnacle of superhero animation with X-Men and Batman The Animated Series ruling television screen every Saturday morning but how do they rank against the cartoons of today, namely the aforementioned Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Batman Brave and the Bold, and even The Spectacular Spider-Man? And as if deciding what the best cartoon is, we also throw animated movies into the mix with one of the best examples of superhero storytelling being Batman Under the Red Hood. Simply put this is not an easy question to answer but we do our best to come to a definitive answer with the help of our guest Rick Basulda, an artist for Top Cow comics. We also dedicate some time to breaking down the recently released trailer for Justice League Doom, the upcoming animated movie based on Justice League: Tower of Babel. Is that enough superhero stuff for one episode? Possibly, but we throw caution to the wind and discuss the breaking news that an eight preview of The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on IMAX this December. Will the Dark Knight draw audiences to Tom Cruise’s tired franchise? Hear our thoughts in this week’s episode of GeekDown.

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