5 Things We Learned From Franco Barberis


If you tuned into the after show on Wednesday night, you would have seen our guest Franco Barberis giving us the inside scoop on life on the set of American Horror Story. Barberis had a small role as “Detective Peña” alongside Wes Bently in Episode 2 – Chutes and Ladders. Here are 5 we learned from him:

  1. Ryan Murphy never really told him what to do on set. Barberis said Murphy didn’t really point out exactly what he needed him to do, and just let him go for it. They never said anything so he just rolled with it. Kinda cool!
  2. When the actors have trouble crying on set (for example, Sarah Paulson whilst making out with Wes Bently in an elevator), they rub a minty type vapor cream under their eyes that causes tears! Who knew! (I need some of that for when my girlfriend is angry at me.. you can’t stay angry at someone who is so sorry that they cry about it right? Genius.)
  3. The set of the murder scene he shot was so outrageously hot that every time the scene cut, the make up team would run out with “fan guns” to cool down the cast!
  4. For the scenes where the camera is following a person walking – i.e when Max Greenfield jumped out at Wes Bently covered in blood – Ryan Murphy leaves the decisions completely up to the Director of Photography. Barberis stated that it looks like he is dancing around the actors!
  5. Barberis is a former Marine! Epic change of life direction there sir!

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