Mike Z of Skull Girls

Dr. Sub-Zero opens with a bulletin on the Street Fighter 3 updates and thanks Capcom on behalf of all 3rd strike players despite previous negative commentary. The guys then say a few words about CEO 2012 and Dr. Sub-Zero comments on the need for aesthetic improvements in nude photos. Immediately after, Dr. Sub-Zero shares his wisdom on the joys of father’s day and the group discusses what his children would be like.

Game review: Skullgirls. We’re a big fan of this one, great game mechanics 9/10. Mike Z also has some game codes to give away in the coming weeks. West Toast tournament, and John gives an update on the restraining order.

Movie review: The Cabin in the Woods. Amir recommended this one and it took a while to realize why. So much weird stuff going on at once- bizarre all the way through.

Music pick of the week: UPular by DJ Pogo. I know it’s popular, but justified and -for the first time ever- ReNiC agrees.

Fun fact we forgot to mention: UP is my favorite movie.

The crew then talks birthday plans and the Dr.’s brief encounter with Elvira.

Mike Z then joins the show and talks about his recent experiences in the fighting game community and talks about changes he hopes to see before everyone sits down to sample Skullgirls and show off its practice mode.

Also, it’s Dr. Sub-Zero’s birthday next week. Be prepared.


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