Monsterpalooza 2012: Horror Filmmakers on Fave Movie Monsters – Inside Horror

An INSIDE HORROR bonus clip from Monsterpalooza 2012, in which some of our favorite horror filmmakers and actors reveal their favorite movie monsters. Guests include:

Robert Parigi Dir. Love Object
Brian Johnson Horror Illustrator
Tammi Sutton Dir. Isle of Dogs
Elizabeth Stanley Prod. The Dark Path Chronicles
Shannon Lark Actress- Disciples
Stephen Chiodo Dir. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
David Naughton Actor- An American Werewolf in London
Michael Berryman Actor- The Hills Have Eyes
Thomas G. Waites Actor- ‘Windows’ The Thing
Joel Polis Actor- ‘Fuchs’ The Thing
Mike Mendez Dir. Mega Spider
Tracy Morse Writer- Creature, P5Ych
Dave Parker Dir. The Hills Run Red
Matthew Currie Holmes Writer/Dir. P5Ych
Eileen Dietz Actress- ‘Pazuzu” The Exorcist
Barbara Magnolfi Actress- ‘Olga” Suspiria
Jessica Harper Actress- ‘Suzy Bannion’ Suspiria
Sylvia and Jen Soska Dir. Dead Hooker in a Trunk
Josh Olson Writer- A History of Violence
Elijah Drenner Dir. American Grindhouse
Tim Polecat Musician- The Polecats
Joe Dante Dir. The Howling, Gremlins
Tom Holland Dir. Fright Night, Child’s Play
Julie Adams The Creature from the Black Lagoon

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