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Filmnut #100
Brandon David
Added: 01-24-2007

Filmmaker Brandon David. It was great having Brandon as a first guest for two reasons: A- I enjoyed his movie a lot and B- He had good things to say in several different areas of filmmaking having a background in writing/directing / editing.

I ask Brandon how he got his great cast which includes: Tom Guiry, ('The Black Donnellys,' 'Mystic River,' & 'Black hawk Down') Will Janowitz, ('The Sopranos') Adrian Martinez, ('The Sopranos', 'Law and Order' & 'Sex and The City') Tammy Trull, ('Invasion') Dean Winters, ('30 Rock', 'Rescue Me', 'CSI Miami', & 'OZ') and Max Casella, ('The Sopranos' & 'Analyze This'). Not only did he get them, he got them for the low budget minimum!

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