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Eve-101 #108
Masturbation Madness
Added: 06-06-2008

In honor of that all American pastime which brings joy to the loins of so many, Eve-101 brings to you a show completely dedicated to stroking the kitty and shocking the monkey. The much anticipated results of Trista and Karri’s three hour long masturbation contest, Orgasmathon 08, will finally be revealed. A handy five spot presentation of places that you don’t want to get caught with your hand in your own cookie jar will be provided to you. Plus you’ll get a brand new Eve of Destruction featuring masturbation mishaps so bizarre that Sadomasochism seems tame, a catfight and a bozo of the week to ease sexual frustrations, and a naughty give away too! Don’t miss the self-lovin’ shenanigans!

recovery, 12-step, Fergie, tanorexia, Emma Watson, Mylie Cyrus, Brad and Angelina, Charles Barkley, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, gaming, gambling

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