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LIVE... From the Future! #221
Breakin' into porn
Added: 03-25-2008

We're live on Tuesday, March 25th 2008 at 8 PM Pacific! This week, Jack Lawrence teaches you how to break into porn, with his acclaimed 4 DVD set "Breaking into porn" - Also, we've got John Fulton giving us a tour of his favorite naughty internet sites, "30 seconds of IM names", "Strictly Platonic", "Best movie title into porn title", Stu and Brian hit the streets to ask people what was the first video they ever watched online, and Jessie Schneiderman gives us a reason to laugh and be horny baby. It's the greatest live streaming comedy show for your money - (Did I mention it's FREE?) LIVE! From the future... "This is the future and we're waiting for you!"

Trail, Papp, Pap-smear, gramo, John, Fulton, The Fresh, Fresh, Jessie, Schneiderman, comedy, humor, stand-up, talk show, live, strictly

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