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LIVE... From the Future! #207
Sleep with me... OW
Added: 11-20-2007

Cara Jedell gives us some "pillow talk" when she opens up about her show, Tim Chizmar tells us about being the spawn of convicted felons, producing a nude comedy show and Championship Comedy, we celebrate Thanksgiving the OLD SCHOOL way - getting plowed. Also featuring "1979", "Today in Denmark", "Screw you, Pilgrim", "Strictly Platonic" and a "Moment with John". Jessie Schneiderman is in Delaware, so our IM girl is Martine Beerman! Johnny Fulton writes more magic... This show is JAM PACKED! This is the live streaming comedy talk show YOU NEED in your life!

Trail, Papp, Pap-smear, gramo, John, Fulton, The Fresh, Fresh, Jessie, Schneiderman, Martine, Beerman, Tim Chizmar,, Cara Jedell, comedy, humor, stand-up, talk show, live, strictly, platonic, free,

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