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Filmnut #413
Michael Lembeck
Added: 01-27-2010

Michael Lembeck director Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Julie Andrews, Ashley Judd, Seth Macfarlane, and Billy Crystal. Michael combines great passion and knowledge for the business in another entertaining and informative interview. How he works with actors, how many takes he likes to shoot, difference between directing TV & Film, and working with animals, are just some of the topics covered. We got into specific scenes of Tooth Fairy and Michael broke down how he shot them. Also his working relationship with the actors and the actors with each other. We briefly touched on an indie movie Michael directed, The Clique.

Thinking it was for young children going in, I have to admit, I was a little surprised at how hard I laughed at Tooth Fairy. This movie is very funny. I was not surprised at another great interview with Michael... The chatroom loved him and surprised him with an old picture from his acting days... wait till you see how he responds to this!

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