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Coin-Op TV Live #327
Added: 01-28-2010

Nyko made big announcements at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Jan 2010 and showed off their new Nintendo Wii remote which incorporates both the normal Wii remote and the Motion Plus - something Nintendo should have done on their own. Join hosts Rob Welkner and Hailey Bright as we invite Nyko's Director of Marketing Chris Arbogast on the show.

nyko, wand, wand+, Trans-Port Technology, Pistol Grip, Tatsunoko, Capcom, TvC, Greed Corp, Mistbound, W!Games, army of two, super street fighter 4, ssf4, mass effect 2, me2, pansy warrior princess, ces, nintendo, wii, gaming, robert welkner, hailey bright, brian gramo, live, talk show,, haley bright, games

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