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Coin-Op TV Live #326
Added: 01-21-2010 held their annual 'Gamette of the Year' voting with Hailey Bright edging out Jessica Villarreal in a last minute race to the finish. We'll be welcoming Amory 'Gritskrieg' Gritta the Editor-In-Chief for to the studio to field questions about their website and the contest. Also - a short video skype interview with Godfree from to find out what's in store for their upcoming community Vibes 5 event. Join hosts Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright as they kick off the new year!

busygamer, amory gritta, godfree, community vibes, hi-rez, global agenda, gaming, robert welkner, hailey bright, brian gramo, live, talk show,, haley bright, games

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