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LIVE... From the Future! #344
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Added: 10-23-2009

From VH1's hit reality show "My Antonio", it's Antonio Sabato Jr! Also with Larry Guli from HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm". First up, Larry Guli talks about being an Artillery Officer (and Softball coach) during the Vietnam War; working on Wall Street for 25 years and then, in "retirement", starting an acting career that has landed him on General Hospital as a Mob Boss and most recently, on "Curb", going head-to-head with Larry David! Larry goes in depth to talk about the process of this hit show, what it was like working with Larry David and Larry Charles and being on set of this comedy juggernaut. Finally, we end with a Mensa quiz - see who wins. Our featured guest of the night was Antonio Sabato Jr., not only from the hit VH1 show with his name, but also from General Hospital, the Herb Ritts Calvin Klein underwear campaign, and winning Best Actor this year at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for his portrayal of Henry Lee Lucas, the notorious mass murdering serial killer. Antonio takes tons of questions from the chat rooms, talks about what surprised him about doing "My Antonio", and gives everyone a recipe for real Italian meat sauce recipe that doesn't involve the microwave. Also, don't miss him striking a pose and speaking in Italian - can you say "Swooon?", 'cause everyone else did. Thanks to our sponsor who make delicious energy drinks. Enjoy the show and tune in every Tuesday at 8PM to see it LIVE! "LIVE! From the future... with Geoff Trail!" a LIVE interactive late night comedy talk show from the future. Subscribe to our show HERE! Watch all our shows HERE! Twitter HERE! iTunes (highlights only) iTunes (full episodes)Remember to check us out here:!

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