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Can I Nail It? #115
Keep Eating those Apples
Added: 10-20-2009

Things that piss you off this week! Joe calls, about the movie Krull, but not really. Brian helps weed out a potential scam artist on EBay. Robert "The DCD" Workman asks about starting up an internet show. Things explode in's control room. Mack Attack feels that all the Mexicans are stealing American jobs. Thankfully, he lives with his parents and is good at computers. RM is pissed off at Los Angeles drivers. Brian explains "The Zipper." Follow Brian Gramo on Twitter @BrianGramo. Producer/Host BRIAN GRAMO : Writer CHLOE BEARCE : Operator JARED GREENHOUSE

bryan grammo graymo grahmo chloey chloie jarrod green house writer writing prompter call calls advice dcd home depot twitter zipper driving mexicans ebay scam

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