Yipes Breaks Down Tournament Victory

In-studio guests Yipes, Combofield, and Neo with info on Gods Garden, Barfights and Mike Ross / Combofiend youtube fan video. Gootecks and Mike Ross go over their upcoming trip to Japan before entering into a discussion about their first Cross Counter Open at theStream.tv studios for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Then Neo comes on to help break down Yipes’ victory over Fanatiq during that tournament.

Yipes entered into the grand final already having one loss against him in the double elimination tournament. However, Fanatiq was hammered into a bracket resetting loss by Yipes. Yipes kept the pressure on to take the win. The crew reviews the last few matches of the event to take a look at how Yipes kept the pressure on so hard throughout the grand finals.

Closing out the show Combofiend comes on to chat about a viewer submitted video that uses some rare footage of, “Mike Ross actually being black” from several years ago. There was no shortage of trash-talk about Fingercramp, and you’ll have to stick through to end of the Combofiend segment for the “quote-of-the-night” that I dare not spoil in this description.

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