Lisa Jay and Derek Miller “Secret Girlfriend” and “Tease” Liv

3 guests, 2 hot women, 1 funny dude… and a stripper pole!

From “TEASE”, a new show on 15 Gigs, (which is the digital arm of Fox Television Studios), we welcomed, Lisa Jay and Crystle Lightning!.

Wow, I am shorter than I remember

Also, from “Secret Girlfriend”, a brand new show on Comedy Central, Derek Miller!


LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!

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Johnny Fulron and Jessie Eh-Schneiderpants decide which song to cover.

The studio, before we go LIVE; the future crime scene.

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Derek Miller tell Stu what he'll do to him... no wait, what he wants Stu to do TO him. Long night.

Derek Miller hangs out after his appearance. It took us 2 hours, a bottle of vermouth and a security guard to get him out of the studio.

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Lisa Jay drinks EVO to get ready for serious power yoga moves.

Lisa Jay - see her website at

Lisa Jay shows Jessie some of the moves she learned from John and Stu. You're welcome.
Lisa Jay shows Jessie some of the moves they learned from John and Stu. Ladies… you’re welcome!

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Crystle Lightning smiles even though she stole my birth name.

*She's actually very sweet and would never react like that unless your name is John Fulton.)

Jessie, ready at the message board; LV hard at work and John Fulton, looking pretty.

Sticking out head through cutouts at the L.A. County Fair! Yee Haw!!!

Jessie, making good money, at TheStream.TV studios.
Jessie, applying what she learned from “Tease” on LIVE! From the future…

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*All photos by Lawrence Anthony, Lauren Valdez and Gabriel Del Rio!

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