Zoe from Looner and Matt Zane LIve From the Future 343

John Fulton guest hosts! We survive (and even thrive) with guests Zoë Roché and Matt Zane.


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So the dust has settled, the weapons have been put away, the lawyers have drafted their initial settlement agreements and all in all, John Fulton‘s first bout of substitute hosting Live! From the Future… went shockingly well. Nevertheless, the ghostly presence of Stu, steaming with near-psychotic jealousy, attempted to sabotage the effort by invading the studio and breaking the D string on John’s guitar. Our brave host for the evening was undeterred, however, and rolled on with the show with the help of the ever-vivacious Jessie Schneiderpants and our new friend Zach Johnson, who held the co-hosting job for the evening.

PicZoeNow what kind of self-respecting Tamagotchee wouldn’t love a songwriter like Zoë?

After a very convincing series of opening bits – which included a five-point rundown of why he was better qualified to host the show than Stu – John welcomed his first guest, the lovely songstress Zoë Roché. Zoë has been in the musicologist business for a looooong time, and is one of the youngest songwriters ever to get credit for music composition in a feature film. These days, she’s half of the rock/electronica duo Looner with her husband Angel. She visited us at the very end of Looner’s 2009 tour, which covered 31 cities throughout these United States. In her interview, she detailed her love for the band’s tour vehicle, the “SUV-marine”, told us about the inspiration for their song “I Love My Tamagotchee!”, and welcomed Angel to the interview floor for a interrogation question or two from John.

PicMattMatt straps on a meat hook… uh, lav mike … to tell us about music, porn and yoga.

Next up was musician/author/ex-pornographer Matt Zane. John showed a disturbing fascination with Matt’s funky new haircut, but also managed somehow to ask him more legitimate questions. Among these were a set of queries about Matt’s propensity to sing live with his band Society 1 while suspended from meat hooks thrust deep into his back (and we showed the video to prove it). As if that wasn’t interesting enough, we also delved into a discussion of Matt’s recent writing activities, namely his “moral self-help book”, Doctrines of the Infernal Process. For those that like a little yoga to go along with their 21st century Satanism, we also displayed a series of pictures showing Matt bending into painful-looking yoga positions.


Zach, as contemplative and philosophical as John isn’t.

Our interviews concluded, John took the show to the finish line in an awe-inspiring display of his deep inferiority complex… uh, we mean he played a rousing rendition of his exit theme song for the night, the disarmingly modest “I Was the Host With the Most”.

PicJohnZoeAngelZoë, John and Angel react to the news that Stu is returning next week, hell bent for revenge.

We’ll leave Stu and John to argue and axe-fight it out over who’s the better host for the show. In the meantime, we’re getting ready for our next guest, reality TV star Antonio Sabato Jr. He’ll be discussing the upcoming finale of his dating reality show My Antonio with Stu, who returns to host in this special LFTF to be broadcast on a different than normal date for us – Friday, specifically October 23.

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