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Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.56.27 PMHey everyone! This was such a fantastic episode of The Vampire Diaries. This show likes to keep us guessing but tonight we got a few answers. Even though we weren’t able to have our usual after show talk discussing all the big reveals I thought I could point out a couple highlights from the episode that we are so glad we know!

  1. The Phoenix Stone– It works! Well sort of, just not the way we thought. All this time we had been lead to believe the Phoenix Stone brought people back to life but in reality the stone was a trap for old vampire souls. So, when the stone is used to “bring someone back to life” it’s actually just sticking one of those trapped spirits into a body. This makes things pretty disappointing for Alaric who thought he had brought his wife back. Plus, we know why Oscar was acting so blood thirsty and psychotic. The only person this stone is benefiting right now is Lily because she gets back the love of her life Julian. He seems like a winner right? =)

2. Bonnie & Who?– There have been so many theories about who Bonnie’s love interest will be this season and I’m pretty sure we have an answer. In the first few minutes of the episode we see Bonnie in the future and who does she lock lips with? Enzo! So when will Benzo become a thing in the present, that’s the question. Because right now those two pretty much still hate each other.

3. Lily is so Cruel- In an interesting turn of events Valerie spills the beans and we learn that Lily was  the one who gave Kai the idea to bind Elena’s life to Bonnie’s. Of course, this means that everyone is pissed off, especially Damon. And no one gets revenge quite like Damon Salvatore.

I can’t wait to see more flash forwards next week and find out how Julian deals with that motley crew of heretics, a jealous Enzo, and of course the Salvatore brothers.

Comment below and tell me what you thought about these latest Vampire Diaries reveals.

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