We Lied! Superheroes! The Game Show #221

Marvel comic’s writer James Asmus joins Jim Festante, Nikole Zivalich and David Guida to talk Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Combo news included: A Sarah Palin autographed Xbox 360 was put back on eBay for $1.1 million dollars. New images from Epic Mickey were released. Studies show easier achievements mean better sales. Homeland Security to screen passengers with the WiiFit Balance Board. Rumors swirl that a Jack the Ripper game may be in production. Project Natal won’t be cheap. The by hosts were joined by James Asmus who told them about how he became a comic book writer. Game of the Week was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2? Was the game “super”? Top 7 list was The Top 7 Super Heroes least likely to get their own video game. The episode finished up with Pacmobelia. We gave out FIVE tokens to win the XBox 360 during the grand prize drawing at the end of the month. Watch live for your chance to win a token too! Just follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/thestreamdottv – (This episode has been edited down for timing.) This series is available on iTunes! Click here to subscribe! Executive Producer/Director BRIAN GRAMO : Host/Producer JIM FESTANTE : Host/Producer NIKOLE ZIVALICH : Host/Producer DAVID GUIDA : Editor BRIAN GRAMO : Assistant Editor NIKOLE ZIVALICH

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