Wake Up Sweep?!? From the Gootecks & Mike Ross Show

In this clip from the Gootecks & Mike Ross Show, the guys do what they do best and play some Street Fighter online! Watch as one opponent’s simple tactic infuriates Mike!

In this week’s episode of the Gootecks and Mike Ross Show, the guys recall their travel escapades from a hectic weekend all over the continent! Watch as Gootecks describes his near-frozen experience getting his car stuck in the ice in the mountains of Canada! Then enjoy his bizarre slideshow of photos of the Illuminati and Masonic-themed murals from the Denver International Airport! Meanwhile, Mike describes his weekend experience at Final Round 17, a prestigious fighting game tournament in Atlanta! As the guys play a few rounds of Street Fighter online, they talk shop about the newly announced 5th USFIV character, the results of the tournament, and more!

The Gootecks & Mike Ross Show is a weekly livestreamed gaming program hosted by pro Street Fighter players Gootecks and Mike Ross. The duo, known for their popular series of YouTube videos dubbed The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & MIke Ross, bring their unique chemistry and colorful humor to this new program where they discuss everything from Street Fighter and competitive gaming, to much, much more! Always unpredictable, and immensely entertaining. Tune in every Monday night, 7 PM PST!

Full episodes here: http://www.dailymotion.com/gootecksandmikeross

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