Vik Sahay of NBC’s Chuck

Vik Sahay from NBC’s Chuck was a great guest tonight… When he wasn’t making fun of me and being sarcastic in general (he was very funny), he shared a lot of information about his proccess and how he goes about the craft of acting. His thoughts on his character Lester Petal, and many other matters Chuck related, were talked about.

In addition, we covered the Genie award winning film he co-stars in, ‘Amal’. Sahay really gets to show off his acting chops in this dramatic piece that was shot in India and had a life changing effect on him. I appreciated him sharing that with the audience as well as his encouraging words for actors of Indian decent.

Here is a link to the website for ‘Amal’:

Other topics include where his career began, “You Can’t Do That On Television”, his work on “Good Will Hunting” and “The Rocker” and oh yeah, of course we had to talk about Jeffster! Here is a link to a lve performance by Jeffster and Comic Con 2009

All this and more!

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