Vegas Commercial Star Sadie Alexandru

Guest Sadie Alexandru who has starred in over 17 national commercials including spots for Las Vegas, Swiffer, Jenga and Burger King. She is also in the upcoming film “Citizen Game” and the Webseries “The Curse of the Phantom Shadow”. Also The World celebrates Earth Day, Meow Shout Out to Iliza and Catsby, PopCult includes discussions on the recession and relationships, Obama’s National Volunteer Service,  Heidi and Spencer, Pam Anderson.  For more information on Sadie Alexandru please visit  and look her up at Other topics include “Where is Chris Franjola”, “This Week’s Crap on Facebook” “You Know What Your Problem Is” “Can I Vent” and “Sports Potato.” Hosts: Rebecca Michael, Michael Beatrice, Directed/Edited by Brian Gramo.

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