Turtle Heads The Game Show #217

TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled with Guest Jessica Villarreal of Gamegirl.com. Nikole Zivalich hosts this week with David Guida joining in via Skype. Combo news included new Japanese site brings HD porn directly to the PS3. Atomic Game, the company behind Six Days in Fallujah, may be shutting down. Wii Sports Resort breaks records selling over half a million copies in a week. Call of Duty 4 is coming to the Wii, 2 years after its initial launch. New Wolfenstein pre-order extras announced. This week’s Top 7 was the Top 7 Video Game Turtles. Don’t forget about What’s In Your Box as well. Game of the Week was TMNT Turtles in Time Re-shelled. Does the game loose its arcade charm? Stick around until the end to play along with Pacmobelia brought to you by Evo. We gave out FIVE tokens to win the XBox 360 during the grand prize drawing at the end of the month. Watch live for your chance to win a token too! Just follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/thestreamdottv – (This episode has been edited down for timing.) This series is available on iTunes! Click here to subscribe! Executive Producer/Director BRIAN GRAMO : Host/Producer DAVID GUIDA : Host/Producer NIKOLE ZIVALICH : Editor BRIAN GRAMO : Assistant Editor NIKOLE ZIVALICH

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