Too Hot To Touch :Erica Valentine is one hot Woo-Man

On July 24th, 2007, live at 6pm pacific on Guide to Getting a Life, I interviewed Erica Valentine, female impersonator / drag queen/ stand-up comedian/ magician and model!

In the interview we discuss everything from the differences between being transgendered and transexual, cross-dressing daddies, where to buy the hottest fits, do blondes really have more fun and of course…punching people out in bars!

 Since Erica really does and is everything and everyone, I can’t quite decide if I think she’s just confused in general and as a result chose to be and do everything possible with her life; or if she’s just brilliant, a step ahead of the rest of us and making and doing the absolute most with what she’s been given….you tell me?

Regardless, I can imagine being and doing everything would be exhausting, but she does it with grace, smiles and awesomely long, hot legs!! Check this show out by going to ! And you can also

check out Erica at

 – Martini Beerman

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