Jen’s Thoughts on Big Brother 17 Episode 6

Well Sunday’s show wasn’t that exciting. I was hoping to learn more about seems like a lot of the houseguests like her but we barely know her..I guess now we know that she was hit by a train in the face!! That’s pretty crazy! Could you imagine being hit in the face with a train? My weirdest and really only injury was when I ran into a doorknob when I was doorknob like 5..We went to the emergency room, blood was gushing everywhere, it took several nurses, my aunt, doctors to hold me down..I’m pretty sure I have stitches in my eyeball…if you look at my pupil it has sort of a Pacman shape. Do you guys have any weird accident stories?


Besides that Shelli won the Battle of the Block because Becky’s nominees (Jason and Steve) won the competition…I’m pretty sure they would have won no matter if John was throwing it or not..which means John( the dentist seems like 2 different people to me..super goofy and then normal…LOL) and Da’Vonne remain nominated…at least until POV comes around…Oh and like I predicted on Friday Da’vonne is the target..she is just too much to handle.


Oh and although the whole Audrey thing is big news and takes up most of the episode..I’m already over it..we get it Audrey is a poop stirrer…and now she’s caught…she’ll go home soon..maybe even this week because even though Shelli wants Da’Vonne she might look really bad if John gets taken down with the POV and she doesn’t nominate would cause a lot of drama against Shelli…unless she could talk to everyone and explain why Da’Vonne is a big target..I guess we will see.

Let me know what you think!

xoxo, Jen



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ALSO does anyone have a good season cast photo for this season?? This is the best I can find!! 🙁


Oh also I was excited to see the “Last Laugh” twist..I guess Wednesday or Thursday..does anyone know who answered the phone 7th??

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