The Wildlings on Weapons of Westeros

Wildling is the collective term used by inhabitants south of the wall to identify the self proclaimed Free Folk. There are possibly hundreds of thousands of Wildlings north of the wall split into hundreds of cultures and tribes. When Mance brought the tribes together the Free Folk had to find a balance of power amongst them in order to form a functional fighting force.

Wildlings do not mine ore or smelt metal so their weaponry is typically made of naturally found materials. They often wield arms made of stone, wood, iron and even bone. Wildlings are excellent raiders and scavengers and their have learned to modify weaponry that they find on their raids, or when the Crows venture too far from the safety of Castle Black. Bows are a common weapon among the Wildlings. Its double use for hunting makes it an ideal weapon for any warrior or Spearwife. Although they are weaker powered then the Yew Bows of the South They have been known to be able to shoot up to 700 feet straight up!

Also found in the ranks of the Willings are large bladed axes, slender spears, short brutal swords and knifes of every shape and sizes. Although they don’t fight in traditional formations Wildlings utilize ambush attacks and hit and run tactics to great success on their raids south of the wall. When they do launch their attack on the 9 Kingdoms they also bring some specialized weapons, including Worgs, Wolly Mammoths and actual Giants!

If the Wildlings can keep the peace amongst themselves they are a serious force to be reckoned with, not just against the Knight’s Watch but for all the 9 Kingdoms!

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