The Unsullied on Weapons of Westeros

Unsullied are eunuch slave soldiers, who, when freed by Daenerys, then enlist as free men into her army and join her campaign to regain the Iron Throne. These men were trained from the age of 5 to possess unquestioning obedience and martial prowess unmatched by any neighboring city state. With every meal they consume an elixir called the Wine of Courage that contains compounds that, over years of consumption, deaden nerve receptors throughout their body making them physically immune to pain.

The Unsullied are a light infantry force who fight in lock-step phalanx formations. Equipped with short spears, a round shield and a short sword they rely on large formations of highly coordinated troops and their legendary speed, courage and skill to defeat armies often numbering far greater than their own.

Historically, Unsullied were prized as the best personal guard money could buy! For those of you who like Easter Eggs, go back and watch Drago and Daenerys’ wedding and you will spot some Unsullied Guards in the crowd. With just over 8,000 Unsullied now pledged to her cause Daenerys is finally poised to retake the 9 Kingdoms and sit atop the Iron Throne… that is if she can figure out how to govern or abandon all the cities she has captured in Essos.

Hosted by industry journeyman and bard Bryan Forrest, every episode of Weapons of Westeros relives the forge births of these awe inspiring weapons and the men and women and even dragons who wield them! From Jamie Lannister to Jon Snow and every Unsullied in-between Bryan covers all your favorite weapons and even some you may have missed but can fall in love with now! Every Sword Lovers must watch Game of Thrones Show!


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