The ShAmy Disintegration

In the season 9 premiere, we saw Leonard and Penny tie the knot and encounter issues almost immediately, but for me it was the barbs between Sheldon and Amy that took center stage. We’re seeing a much more callous Sheldon (As hard as that may be to believe) who basically insulted all of his friends a little more than usual throughout the episode. It’s obvious that he’s dealing with heartbreak – something he’s unfamiliar with – and just lashing out, but it’s what ends up causing Amy to actually end their relationship. Sheldon says: “Well, you should think fast because men can sire their offspring their entire lives, but those eggs you’re toting around have a sell-by date!”

And that was the final straw for her. I think Sheldon will evolve very quickly in the coming episodes. He’ll have to if he wants to get back together with Amy. Will he continue down the road of being increasingly callous or will he finally grow up? Be sure to tune in on Monday to watch as things develop, and then join us live as we discuss what happens!

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