The Epicness of Flarrow

Alright folks, if you’re anything like me you’ve watched the Flarrow two hour special AT LEAST twice. (No judgement if you haven’t *Coughs dead to me Coughs*)


The crossover introduced Vandal Savage and seemed to set up the highly anticipated Legends of Tomorrow. The rumors are flying about who, what, where, and WHEN it will all take place. Time travel has been solidified as happening in the limited series so what does that mean for the Arrow Universe? First of all I can’t help but think that because the time travel Barry (The Flash) performed happened in the “Arrow” time slot we will be seeing the time continuum affected in Arrow. Shout out to fellow fan Marc Acosta for sending me this article which speculates on Connor Hawke. In the Comics Connor Hawke ( If you don’t know) is the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. That world’s version of the DC Universe is true within the comics…the show runners say that will not be his origins in the show.



I’ve known him as ‘The Red Arrow’ in the comics but he has also worn the mantle of ‘Green Arrow’ in them. Moving forward into legends the internet has been speculating that he will be the future’s ‘Green Arrow’ or another alternate version. The chances for this affecting the current Arrow timeline are unknown. We will have to wait and see what hand the show runners throw at us during the winter premier. Personally I don’t think a future Arrow will come into the show (at least not this season), they’re dealing with Darhk right now, and Diggle’s brother’s apparent crossover into crime and darkness. What lies ahead for Legends may not necessarily affect the current storyline we’re watching this season.




Moving forward with Arrow:

I just have SUCH a bone to pick with Oliver for lying to Felicity that I rummaged the endless vat that is the internet for the producers commentary. Wendy Mericle who produces ‘Arrow’ has stated that moving forward there will be “serious consequences that come to a head” in Arrow because of his decisions during the crossover. She also mentioned; we can expect William to become a regular character in Arrow now that Oliver has discovered his existence even though Felicity is still unaware of him. That leaves a lot of things open to speculation. Could this mean more crossovers (not in the episode long sense) with The Flash team? Could Damien Darhk catch wind of this and use it to his advantage over Oliver? And will he do it on a personal basis ( the mayor war about to hit town) or in the superhero arena? Whose child will he find out William belongs to Arrow or Oliver? Or both? Don’t forget before the crossover Oliver left off with a public defiance of Darhk’s wishes about the waterfront, with the episode closing on Darhk’s very devious return smile. Yikes. I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that look. All this points to Samantha’s fears being realized but will it be her or Felicity who take the fall for leaving them both in the dark? Clearly Samantha is not going to be told he’s Arrow ( Unless he saves Cisco in front of her) and Felicity has no idea he has a child. Ahh when the secrets pile up, the trek to live openly is closed.


We Also have Andy Diggle to Contend with in Arrow. What is his agenda? What do you guys think? I think he isn’t really a crime lord and went over to H.I.V.E due to blackmail in an attempt to save his family. So the deception was meant with the best intentions. could he however, actually be an evil crime lord? Will we be seeing more blackmail, or will he be a mole in Team Arrow? We’ve all seen how willing they are to trust and forgive could that be the team’s downfall this season with Andy in the mix? What do you all think, let us know your thoughts! Here is a fun fact: Andy Diggle was most likely named after Arrow’s author in the ‘Arrow: Year One’ comics the first season was largely based off of. Speaking of the comics Andy is very much dead in the DC universe where the chapter ‘Aftermath’ states his death as April 8, 2009. Which free’s up endless character stories and possibilities for the writers of the tv show. What do you think his role will be?

Finally my artwork shout out to: @lordmesa

Im a huge art and fan art fan…whew say that a few times fast! Send me your favorite Arrow artists and I will feature them. 😀


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