The Countess and Alex…WTF?!

Chloe Gaga Devil's Night - BETTER

The last episode had some crazy twists!  Could John be the Ten Commandments Killer?  He was after all invited to Devil’s Night with a bunch of serial killers.  But for me the biggest moment was when The Countess turned Alex.  This really surprised me because I would have thought The Countess wouldn’t want to competition with one of her creepy vampire children.   Did she change her because she loves having power over people?  And now as her servant, what will The Countess make Alex do for her?


I really think it was an interesting and poor move.  What now happens to poor Scarlett?!  I think John and Alex have completely forgotten about her.  John is fighting his own inner demons and Alex is too obsessed with Holden.  Granted Scarlett seems to be able to take care of herself alright, riding the LA bus and having her own cell phone at such a young age.  I don’t think Alex will ever be satisfied being second mom to Holden.  It was a brash decision that I think will haunt her.


Now there is a theory going around that I’ve read that says Alex may somehow be related to the Countess.  Maybe she didn’t get an abortion at Murder House, like it’s been inferred, and Alex is the daughter or granddaughter (more likely) of the Countess.  That’s why she feels such a connection to her and Holden.


What do you guys think?!  Why did the Countess turn Alex?  Sound off below and tweet me @kristincarole13 with the hashtag #AHSAS !  And don’t forget to check out our AHS Aftershow!


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