Taryn Southern Talks To Taryn Southern on the Red Carpet

LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST. Taryn Southern (http://twitter.com/tarynsouthern) is on the show to talk about everything she’s been up to from Battle: Los Angeles, her deal with Break.com and she even announces a new show she’s working on! In addition, we talk about flying cars, iPhone cameras, sex, and the Black Eyed Peas. Ethan shows us a sneak peek at his new Harry Potter Rap 2 featuring Jimmy Wong. We love Taryn Southern so much we have her interview herself. Later, we put Taryn’s celebrity knowldege to the test as Lindsay and Ethan impersonate famous people.We pick a Photo-Chop-Shop winner and give them a chance to win an Xbox 360! You can enter every week for YOUR chance to win! Watch every week and interact with us and our guests!

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