Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 2 Review and After Show “It Will Be My Revenge”

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Ryan Carillo- @ryanacarillo Fan Show Network presents the Survivor After Show. Tune in each week, live or on demand, for review and conversation about Survivor, which is celebrating its 30th season by sending 18 castaways “Worlds Apart.” The new will divide the castaways into three tribes: White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar, aka “free spirits who are known to break the rules.”




Survivor, with host Jeff Probst, is an international phenomenon in its thirtieth season! It has maintained its basic competitive premise in which sixteen to twenty contestants, the castaways, are split into tribes and assigned separate camps at the filming’s location, typically a tropical setting. As a tribe, the castaways must survive the elements, construct shelter, build fire, look for water, and scrounge for food and other necessities for the entire filming period, around 39 days.
In the first half of the game, the tribes face off in challenges, some for rewards of food, shelter, or luxury items, while others are for immunity, preventing the winning tribe from having to go to the next Tribal Council. Tribes that do go to Tribal Council discuss the events of the last few days with the host asking questions, and then must vote out one of their own players, eliminating them from the game.
In the second half of the game, the tribes are merged into a single tribe. Challenges are played at an individual level for individual rewards and immunity. At subsequent Tribal Councils, those eliminated start to form the jury, who sit in on all subsequent Tribal Councils but otherwise do not participate. When only two or three castaways remain, those castaways attend a final Tribal Council, where the jury is given the opportunity to ask them questions. After this, the jury members then vote to decide which of the remaining castaways should be declared Sole Survivor.
by the local region, and directions to their camps.
At their camps, tribes are given minimal resources, such as a machete, water canteens, cooking pots, and staples of rice and grains, and are expected to build shelter against the elements from the local trees and other resources. including fruits, wild animals, and fish.

During both pre- and post-merge segments of filming, the castaways compete in a series of challenges. Tribes are alerted to these upcoming challenges by a message, often in rhyme, delivered to camp by the production team at a basket or box on a nearby tree; this message has come to be called “treemail”, playing off the word “e-mail”. The message typically hints at what the challenge might be. The message may also provide props to demonstrate this, practice equipment for the players, or a sampling of the reward. There are Tribal challenges and individual challenges, played for rewards, immunity or both.
Top past prizes have been:
• In Survivor: The Australian Outback, Colby Donaldson won a Pontiac Aztek.
• In Survivor: Africa, Lex van den Berghe won a Chevrolet Avalanche.
• In Survivor: Marquesas, Sean Rector won a Saturn VUE.
• In Survivor: Thailand, Ted Rogers won a Chevrolet TrailBlazer.
• In Survivor: The Amazon, Matthew von Ertfelda won a Saturn Ion.
• In Survivor: Pearl Islands, Burton Roberts won a GMC Envoy XUV.
• In Survivor: All-Stars, Rob Mariano won a Chevrolet Colorado.
• In addition to the car, Rob was allowed to bring another contestant with him on a trip; he chose Amber Brkich, who received a Chevrolet Malibu as a result.
• In Survivor: Vanuatu, Eliza Orlins won a Pontiac G6.
• In Survivor: Palau, Ian Rosenberger won a Chevrolet Corvette.
• In Survivor: Guatemala, Cindy Hall won a 2006 Pontiac Torrent; she was given the option to relinquish her reward to give the other remaining players, but declined.
• In Survivor: Panama, Terry Deitz won a GMC Yukon.
• In Survivor: Fiji, Yau-Man Chan won a 2008 Ford Super Duty but gave it to fellow contestant Andria “Dreamz” Herd as part of a strategic deal.

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