SL | Antman vs. LXG | Infrit; zUkUu disusses SFxT glitches (#306)

The Los Angeles area once again takes over Cross Counter studios as casuals are once again held at Cross Counter LIVE. The episode starts off with a quick recap from Gootecks of what’s going on in the Fighting Game Community, mentioning KGB 2013, the first international Road to Evo event; and Winter Brawl 7, the Northeast Road to Evo tournament.

In this episode of Cross Counter LIVE, we have Anthony “Antman” Nguyen flying in from Australia and zUkUu on the Skype from Germany. After Gootecks sits down with our guests, Antman will square off against Infrit in a first-to-seven set in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Tonight’s guest:


For those who don’t know, zUkUu has been compiling frame data from Street Fighter X Tekken for the world to use. A couple of days ago, he discovered two glitches: the Paul Guard Glitch and the Link Cancelling Glitch. The Paul Guard Glitch allows Paul to recover from block stun one frame quicker than other characters, while the Link Cancelling Glitch allows players to cancel out of the last frame of recovery and link moves that would not be able to be linked otherwise. With his time with Gootecks, zUkUu discusses how he came across the glitches, their possible practicality and his insights on the frame data he has mined for the community.

SL | Antman (Anthony Nguyen)

A year removed from representing Australia at Super Battle Opera, Antman flies into Los Angeles to sit down with Cross Counter LIVE. In this episode, we find out what he’s been up to recently. He also talks about the origins of Shadaloo HQ and drops some knowledge about the Australian Marvel community.


Featured Match:

SL | Antman vs. LXG | Infrit
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

To close out the episode, Antman and Infrit face off in a first-to-seven in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Antman can be considered one of the greatest Marvel players to come out of Australia, often coming out Stateside and representing his country at SBO 2012. However, he faces off against Infrit, runner-up of Evolution 2012 and is often regarded as one of the United States’ top players. After going one-on-one with Canada’s Bee at SCR 2013, Infrit tries to hold it down once more in Cross Counter studios against Australia’s Antman.

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