SINISTER & V/H/S Directors David Bruckner and Scott Derrickson – Inside Horror

On this week’s episode of Inside Horror: Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson discuss the scare factor behind voyeurism and the success of the found footage sub genre with Scott Derrickson and David Bruckner, the directors behind two of this year’s most anticipated and creepy horror films, Sinister and V/H/S.

During a speed round of new horror news, Fangoria’s Rebekah McKendry will chat about her recent experience on the set of Castle and share exciting updates about Fangoria’s new show Blood and Guts debuting on The Nerdist, with metal legend Scott Ian from Anthrax. Staci will give a recap on her viewing of Student Bodies, and you’ll also meet Stacy Buchanan, the newest edition to the Inside Horror crew, in this week’s video blogger segment. She’ll talk about what horror film made the most significant impact on her life.

And to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Video Nasties Legacy, Elric, Staci and Rebekah will share details on Cinefamily Theatre’s Video Nasties Celebration and their favorite films banned and prosecuted in England during the mortal panic and censorship of the Thatcher government.

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